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the face behind the brand

is a licensed cosmetologist from Northeast, OH who specializes in event hair styling.

With 4 1/2 years in the industry and more than 10 years styling experience, Emma has a versatile portfolio with a background of styling all hair types & textures. She is skilled at detailing and customizing a look to fit her client's needs. 

Currently residing in Ohio, Emma and her husband Noah split their time between work and spending time with their friends and family. As much as she is a home body, Emma loves to travel and experience new places and cultures. Nothing is more important though than the people she can go through life with. She is musical, inquisitive, compassionate, dedicated, imaginative, joyous, and comforting to those who know her.

Her passions are many and she likes to be creative in her day to day life. She has had a life long battle with chronic illness and has found hairstyling to be her solace during hard times. She believes there needs to be a balance between working at a craft and investing her energy into relationships. That is why hair has become the perfect outlet as she can both execute a service and relate to people all at once.


Emma's personal style ultimately reflects that of simple elegance with the occasional statement piece. She has an eye for mixing textures and shapes which she translates to her work behind the chair. Fashion, interior design, and other creative fields have intrigued her throughout her life and she utilizes her knowledge in each to build a story around her client's service.

Get to know Emma more by following her on social media @emme_byemmabrook!

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